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Welcome to my magical world where anything is possible!

Tatiana Schallert Essential Oils Makeup Classes

My message overall is Simply LOVE. Keep life simple and surrender to Spirit within you. Be GRATEFUL. Keep Your FAITH. Take ACTION!  Face fear straight in the face and run right through it, FLY, into the life of your dreams!!! You CAN do it! BELIEVE!!! KEEP LOOKING FORWARD! Choose Health! Choose FREEDOM! YOU ARE who you have been waiting for! So SHOW UP. Take care of yourself – your HEALTH. Be aware of your dreams and angelic guidance from Heaven. CELEBRATE the magical trail of numbers, signs, and miracles along your path. Be Brave. OPEN UP your heart to Divine LOVE. Use your voice to CREATE LIFE and bring healing to the world! My intention is to ENCOURAGE and UPLIFT anyone I can! To boldly and unconditionally LOVE EVERY ONE & ALL of God’s Creation one drop at a time! From My Heart To Yours – I SEE YOUR LIGHT! Be strong! PEACE be with you.

Tatiana is a passionate messenger of LOVE! Wife and Mom of 4, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Conscious Writer (Blogger), Singer-Songwriter, & Motivational Speaker, Angel Intuitive, and Wellness & YL Essential Oil Specialist #1569984. Most of all she is a supportive wife and mother of four beautiful children! She is also, Co-Owner of Deerstone Development, a Christian SEO Company. Her husband, Caleb Schallert, founded the company in 2007 shortly before they got married in 2009. She is a content development strategist, social media optimization specialist, and internet marketing specialist.


I love my followers and welcome your feedback. Use my Contact page to tell me what I’m doing right or what I can improve on.