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Get Started With Essential Oils

How To Purchase Your Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils & Products


Should I become a Young Living Wholesale Member or a Retail Member?

Not all Essential Oil are made equal. This is why I recommend becoming a Young Living Wholesale Member so you can get the top quality therapeutic grade essential oils for the best value!

With a retail membership you will pay full retail price for all products you purchase. This can be a bit pricey and I rarely recommend this option to anyone because I care that you get the best deal and experience! A wholesale membership with Young Living is very similar to a Costco membership except all your purchases are made online through your own Young Living account. You get a 24% discount on all your purchases and the only requirement of staying a member is purchasing at least $50 of product per year. Signing up as a wholesale member puts you under no obligation to distribute the oils or sign up for auto ship.  However, as a wholesale member, you also have the option of sharing the oils with your friends and family (which can be quite easy to be led to do once you try them) in order to earn commissions and participate in promotions for free products. If you are interested in starting your own Young Living business please contact me.

Is there a monthly order minimum?

Nope. 🙂 There is no monthly purchase required to stay a member. Once you buy your starter kit you can order more products as you feel led. I love that Young Living puts no obligation to purchase anything on our customers whatsoever! (If you are interested in our optional auto ship rewards program scroll to the bottom of this page for more info.)

I don’t really want to sell essential oils. Do I have to sell Young Living products to be a Wholesale Member?

Absolutely not! It is your choice whether you would like to share or not. A wholesale membership purely assures that you get the best deal and discounts on all your Young Living oils and products! You are never required to sell anything!

How do I get started?

Experience the power of essential oils for you and your family in one convenient collection. The Premium Starter Kit is an extraordinary value that offers a comprehensive introduction to essential oils, and includes 10 of our most versatile oils, an essential oils usage guide, as well as samples you can use when you travel, at work, or share with a friend. If you are new to essential oils, this kit is designed to give you several oils to use in a 1-2 month supply – perfect for sampling, testing and trying your own blends.

Similar to a Sam’s Club or Costco membership, as a member of our team you will enjoy:

  • Saving 24% percent off retail prices for one year and membership will continue as long as you place an order of $50 or more per year. *Please note some oils in the kit may be substituted depending on supply.
  • 10 Essential Oils in Your Premium Kit (valued at $220.00 retail)
  • FREE Stress Away  Essential Oil (valued at $31.02)
  • FREE Home Diffuser (valued at $97.00 LIMITED TIME)
  • FREE Consultation (valued at $177.00)
  • FREE On going support via phone, social media, and/or email
  • FREE Bi- Monthly Classes via Teleconference
  • FREE $20,000 worth of recorded classes by leading experts in the fields of Health and Aromatherapy (This is only available to member who join our Swiftfire oil team)
  • FREE Private Support Group Meetings via Social Media
  • FREE AromaGlide Roller Fitment
  • FREE Two Lavender Sample Packets
  • FREE Two Peppermint Sample Packets
  • FREE Two Lemon Sample Packets
  • FREE Two Thieves Sample Packets
  • FREE Two NingXia Red 2-oz. samples
  • FREE Sample Packet Business Cards
  • FREE Product Guide and Product Price List
  • Buy what you choose, when you choose
  • No obligation to sell anything, ever!
  • No annual fee.
  • ALL THIS FOR ONLY $160.00

This kit is definitely for you if you are looking to maintain wellness and support your body systems. It is also a great choice is you love to smell good, use air fresheners, or are interested in using essential oils for DIY recipes. Get rid of those nasty toxic personal care products, household products, perfumes, candles, and plug-ins, friends! I can feel the difference in myself and my family since we made the switch! Click the picture to get started or Contact me if you have more questions. My distributor ID 1569984 should show up as both Sponsor ID and Enroller ID. 🙂

Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Young Living Premium Starter Kit – My Distributor #1569984

Another starter kit option is our Thieves Starter Kit that has many of my favorite household and personal care products! This kit will get you started in eradicating the toxic chemicals out of your life!  Thieves essential oil blend is on my order every month because it is one of my family’s daily oils for maintaining our healthy immune systems! Not to mention the Thieves household cleaner is my absolute FAV – this kit comes with two bottles! The entire Thieves line smells like cinnamon spice to me (which I love)! I don’t use anything else to clean with anymore except baking soda, vinegar, and some additional oils! A little goes a long way and it even makes mirrors sparkle without streaks!  You also get two bottles of the hand sanitizer/ throat sprays (the BEST for soothing throats), hand sanitizing gels (no toxic chemicals), and foaming hand soaps! I absolutely love the mouthwash (it tingles like Listerine, only it’s good for you!) and toothpaste as well!  This kit also comes with some free samples and a free Stress Away blend roll-on. Click the picture to get started or Contact me if you have more questions!


Thieves Starter Kit $160 plus tax and shipping. My distributor #1569984

What Is Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards is our optional rewards points and auto ship program for wholesale members and distributors only! Retail members may not participate in this program.  Save yourself a shopping trip by buying your deodorant (yes it works!), toothpaste, lip balm, shampoo, hands soap, bar soap, household cleaners,  natural sugars—agave and stevia, vitamins and supplements, make your own bath salts (great for gifts), make your own bath gel (get bath gel base & add custom oils), make your own body spray, etc. I wholeheartedly love and believe in all of our products! This is a huge savings when you factor in discount shipping, free products, special monthly discounts, and the generous monthly promotions!

The Essential Rewards Program allows you to save even more money on your Young Living products when you share them with others. Sharing Young Living can be a very real option. Most people are so pleased with the Young Living oils and products that they tell family and friends. As a wholesale customer, you are in the position to have a Young Living business and share if you feel inspired to do so. Sharing can bring you enough in commissions to cover the cost of the products you buy, or can provide a full time income – the choice is yours. However, you are not required to sell to take advantage of this program!

If you choose to share and earn commissions, you must be signed up for the Essential Rewards Program at a min of 50pv – 100pv to receive all the matching bonuses and FULL commission.

Discount Structure

For months 1-3, earn 10% in rewards points account
For months 4-24, earn 20% in rewards points account
For month 25+ you earn 25% in rewards points to buy free products with!

All Essential Rewards orders qualify for reduced shipping costs. Members pay a $6.98 U.S./$9.75 CAN flat shipping fee on the order’s first 5 pounds and just $0.63 per additional pound for ground shipments to the continental U.S. and $0.70 per additional pound for shipments to Canada.

When you automatically place consecutive Essential Reward orders, you can earn exclusive gifts. You’ll qualify for these gifts when you place consecutive Essential Rewards orders for 3, 6, 9, 12, 24, and 36 months. After 36 months, you’ll receive gifts after every 12 months of consecutive orders. The gift will automatically be added to your next Essential Rewards order.

Cancel at any time, but use your points first. There is no obligation to sign up unless you are signing other people up and choosing to earn commissions. You can also change the date of your auto ship and change out your products every month.

When you make your health a priority, you make an investment into living a longer, happier life. The reward for living healthy far outweighs any cost. You are never wasting money when you invest in yourself and your family.

If you have any other questions please fill out this form. I am excited for you to move forward into abundant wellness in every area of your life.  May you be filled with love and light!